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• International Identity

Guaranteeing an international distinguished identity for each certificate.

• Descriptive Data of Certificates

Creating an accurate and useful method to define the certificates and their related descriptive data in the databases of bibliographic information.

• Global Reliability

Increasing the reliability and validity of the certificates on a global level.

• Credibility Tracking

Enabling certificate's data and credibility tracking using a protected electronic copy.

• Anti-counterfeiting

Preventing confusion and forgery of certificates through the unified number that ensures the verification of data.

• Facilitate data flow

Tracking and managing flow of certificates between institutions, companies and individuals using the code number.

• Protected Electronic Copy

Keeping an electronic copy of the certificate in a secured system and allowing authorized persons only to get a copy as per the need.

• Improve HR Management

www.iscnsystem.org -- info@iscnsystem.org -- info@intlstandards.com - 10 - Helps human resource managers to choose the most efficient and trusted people more quickly and with less effort.

• A short, clear and easy-to-read definition

Obtaining important information regarding the certificate easily by looking at the unified code, for example issuing country, issuing authority, date and type of certificate.

• Protection of documents and certificates from damage and loss forever

Guarantee to certificate holders to obtain a copy of the certificate and the possibility of linking it to other certificates of its own by keeping its data, information, documents and images in the protected database to be able to access, display or print at any time and place through the site.